356 Children visit the temple

356 Children visit the temple to learn Meditation and Almsgiving Despite the COVID pandemic, in the period September-December 2021.

Wat Phra Dhammakaya London was able to provide educational tours for four school groups and seven cub scout groups who wanted to learn about Buddhism as part of their diversity education or in order to gain their World Faith Activity Badge.

The activities included in each hour-long visit included a tour of the temple and an explanation of how each of the religious artefacts was used, led by monks or volunteers from the temple. After this, a short presentation was given on Buddhism by Phra Dr Nicholas Thanissaro which included ten minutes of meditation and an almsgiving ceremony. Many of the groups brought along almsfood especially to offer at the temple.

The total number of children and teachers joining the temple visits in this three-month period was 356. Many of the children were so impressed by their visits that they have returned to visit again and the scout leaders shared that the activity at the temple is the most popular of the venues they visit.