We are now reopen for sitting indoor.

Woking Buddhist Temple Opens Its Doors for Meditation Post Lockdown The London branch of Dhammakaya Buddhism based in Woking is once again opening its temple doors to those that seek Beginners’ Meditation practice from Tuesday, January 7.00-8.30pm.  CLASS REGISTRATION The temple has carried out a risk assessment and there will be temperature checks, NHS App

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Dear Meditators, Templegoers and Online Community: We were awfully sorry to hear that HRH Prince Phillip passed away yesterday. We will do chanting inorder to dedicate merits to Him on Saturday 10, Sunday 11 and Monday 12 April from 10.30-11.00am via our Wat Phra Dhammakaya London Zoom link below. https://dmc.tv/2564/lon Meeting ID 881 0986 4789

Temple Visit to: Coutts Bank William IV Street London WC2

Temple Participants: Ven. Phra Ronnapop Jotilabho, Ven. Phra Suriyan Amaro, Rattanapol Thanasetpakdee, Potsawat Sriworrapan, S. Nash, Kruawan Sookcharoen, Edward Marisi, Eva Robinson, Linda Mitchell, Maria Mackey This visit was to provide a teaching meditation session on behalf of Temple volunteer, Rana Mutsuddi, at his place of work, Coutts Bank.  Coutts are eager to introduce meditation and mindfulness into their workplace for the well-being of their employees. The visiting party departed the Temple after

Temple Visit to: The Village Elmslie Lodge Barkingside Essex, UK.

This visit was to provide an initial teaching meditation session on behalf of one of the Temple Laypersons. The visiting party set off early on the Sunday morning as the venue was east London and required a few hours of travelling The venue was at a Residential Retirement facilitythat provides comfortable living for older people.  Plus, other people travelled some distance to also take

One Day Meditation Workshop

Local community come to the temple learning meditation in the One Day Meditation Workshop Program on Saturday 16th March in Wat Phra Dhammakaya London Buddhist Temple. The temple was very happy to welcome the group that came on that day. The Inner Peace Group set up the day as the pass of the continuing program.

Meditation for Barclays

” On Monday19th June. We were delighted to be invited back to Barclays Bank Head Office at Canary Wharf London to guide meditation and give a talk: The Basic concepts of Buddhism by Ven.Prasansamacaro who is one of our well respected experienced senior Monks.

With an audience of around 100 members of staff. They were pleased to be led and guided to meditate. It was a great success as they learnt about where their home of the mind is. They enjoyed practising meditation as meditation made them feel calm, relaxed and happy.

Songkran Festival 2017

On April 15th 2017, Wat Phra Dhammakaya London, United Kingdom held a Songkran Festival to celebrate Thai New Year. There were many local and Thai people who came to enjoy this event, including many who visit the temple regularly for meditation and other activities. Many came along with their families and children to attend this traditional Thai ceremony.

The day’s activities began with a short ceremony of making and sharing merits with our ancestors and our loved ones who have passed away to show our love and remembrance for them.

Following this, the Thai New Year festival of 2017 was officially opened by the Mayor of Woking who we were honoured to welcome as our guest.

Meditation for Barclays

Wat Phra Dhammakaya London held an exhibition about the benefits of meditation at the headquarters of Barclays Bank in London.

At Barclays Bank headquarters, the company have held a project to develop better mental agility in its staff in order to increase staff happiness and improve work efficiency. On April 13th 2017 at Canary Wharf London, the company gave an opportunity for the staff to attend this exhibition during their break in order to help them develop meditation skills. These skills can help employees in many aspects of their busy lives including stress reduction and sharpening the focus of the mind. There was a total of 300 staff from the bank who attended the exhibition.

On this day we also introduced the next meditation project that is arranged to be held here at the Barclays centre in a few months’ time. It was also our pleasure to introduce to the Barclays staff our meditation courses which are to be held at the Wat Phra Dhammakaya temple. Our visit was very well received and many staff showed much interest in meditation practise. We share our merits to all of you.

The Inner Peace Weekend Meditation Retreat 15th

Dhammakaya London Temple has set up The Inner Peace Weekend Meditation Retreat 15th for 3 days from 24 March 2017 to 26 March 2017.

Phra Maha Prasan Samajaro and Pra Arjarn Sander Khemadhammo are the teaching monks, Phra Maha Suriyan Amaro is the consultant, Kruwan Sukchareon is the coordinator with Thai and local volunteers.

During the three days, the participants have the opportunity to learn the benefits of meditation and buddhist principles which can used in their normal life. They also have a great opportunity, to do a lot of meditation. Therefore, they gain a very good experience and find inner peace. They are encouraged to return and invite others to come and join the next retreat at Dhammakaya London Temple as well.

We would like to share our merits to all of you around the world.