The 14th Meditation Retreat programme

  The 14th meditation retreat programme 17th-19th June 2016, 16 participants, many activities were done. They have got many knowledge from venerable Nicholas,venerable Phra Maha Prasan and Venerable Nino. We would like to say thank you for coming our retreat. See you a next one day retreat on Saturday 17th September 2016. Phra Kajonpong Niño

Biography of Ven. Sander

Our Teaching Monk for The Weekend Meditation Retreat #13   Biography of Ven. Khemadhammo (Sander Oudenampsen) Ven. Khemadhammo was born and raised in 1978 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He graduated M.A. in Organizational Psychology. During his student years, he followed an introductory meditation course in a Dhammakāya meditation centre, and started volunteering in the European