Old Woking Cubs

On Wednesday January 25th 2017, Wat Phra Dhammakaya London welcomed a group of 22 scouts from Old Woking Clubs and 6 supervisors to the temple. They came to study Buddhism and exchanged their culture and experiences. The monks and members of temple staff welcomed them and held a group lesson which introduced the scouts to the basics of the Buddhist religion.

We began talking about the history of the temple and then proceeded to teach the group a basic introduction to meditation. The scouts really enjoyed the lesson and some of them even had an inner experience of seeing a bright crystal ball.

After that we showed the scout group around the different areas of the temple and introduced them to the display representing Buddhism. Also we taught them about the significance of giving to others by performing a Buddhist Alms-Giving ceremony to the monks.

In conclusion, the day’s activities all went extremely well and the whole scout group and their supervisors thoroughly enjoyed their visit. Afterwards they all said that they very much enjoyed their visit and were left with a lasting positive impression.