The Dhammakaya Foundation is a non-profit organisation based on personal development. The Foundations aims to promote activities for restoration of morality in individual, family, society and the world.

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While many are searching for peace from without, we believe that world peace MUST begin from each and everyone of us. That’s why we promote the use of meditation in order to help individual cultivate inner peace inside themselves.

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You can join different activities such as free weekly meditation and Dhamma classes, Buddhist ceremonies, meditation retreats and Dhamma studies in Woking, Surrey and our worldwide centers.

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Songkran Festival 2017

On April 15th 2017, Wat Phra Dhammakaya London, United Kingdom held a Songkran Festival to celebrate Thai New Year. There were many local and Thai people who came to enjoy this event, including many who visit the temple regularly for meditation and other activities. Many came along with their families and children to attend this traditional Thai ceremony.

The day’s activities began with a short ceremony of making and sharing merits with our ancestors and our loved ones who have passed away to show our love and remembrance for them.

Following this, the Thai New Year festival of 2017 was officially opened by the Mayor of Woking who we were honoured to welcome as our guest.

Meditation for Barclays

Wat Phra Dhammakaya London held an exhibition about the benefits of meditation at the headquarters of Barclays Bank in London.

At Barclays Bank headquarters, the company have held a project to develop better mental agility in its staff in order to increase staff happiness and improve work efficiency. On April 13th 2017 at Canary Wharf London, the company gave an opportunity for the staff to attend this exhibition during their break in order to help them develop meditation skills. These skills can help employees in many aspects of their busy lives including stress reduction and sharpening the focus of the mind. There was a total of 300 staff from the bank who attended the exhibition.

On this day we also introduced the next meditation project that is arranged to be held here at the Barclays centre in a few months’ time. It was also our pleasure to introduce to the Barclays staff our meditation courses which are to be held at the Wat Phra Dhammakaya temple. Our visit was very well received and many staff showed much interest in meditation practise. We share our merits to all of you.

The Inner Peace Weekend Meditation Retreat 15th

Dhammakaya London Temple has set up The Inner Peace Weekend Meditation Retreat 15th for 3 days from 24 March 2017 to 26 March 2017.

Phra Maha Prasan Samajaro and Pra Arjarn Sander Khemadhammo are the teaching monks, Phra Maha Suriyan Amaro is the consultant, Kruwan Sukchareon is the coordinator with Thai and local volunteers.

During the three days, the participants have the opportunity to learn the benefits of meditation and buddhist principles which can used in their normal life. They also have a great opportunity, to do a lot of meditation. Therefore, they gain a very good experience and find inner peace. They are encouraged to return and invite others to come and join the next retreat at Dhammakaya London Temple as well.

We would like to share our merits to all of you around the world.

Tuesday Meditation Class

At Wat Phra Dhammakaya London, we hold a meditation class every Tuesday for local people.
On January the 31st, there were 14 local residents who came to join us for the class. On this day the teaching monk gave the class an introduction to a meditation technique which can be used to clear and purify the mind to be more like a child’s, to help us focus more. It has been noted that children can often find meditation easier than adults as their minds are less cluttered with stress and worries.
During the meditation session, the monk guided the lesson by showing people how to keep the image of our mind still at the centre of the body, in the middle of the abdomen. This location is the seventh component and the centre of gravity which is one of the seven bases of the mind.

Byfleet Primary School


On the morning of January the 30th 2017, a group of students and primary teachers travelled to the Dhammakaya Temple Woking in order to study of basics of Buddhism. This was a school curriculum outing that gives an opportunity for the students to learn about different beliefs around the world including the Buddhist religion.

Old Woking Cubs

On Wednesday January 25th 2017, Wat Phra Dhammakaya London welcomed a group of 22 scouts from Old Woking Clubs and 6 supervisors to the temple. They came to study Buddhism and exchanged their culture and experiences. The monks and members of temple staff welcomed them and held a group lesson which introduced the scouts to the basics of the Buddhist religion.

We began talking about the history of the temple and then proceeded to teach the group a basic introduction to meditation. The scouts really enjoyed the lesson and some of them even had an inner experience of seeing a bright crystal ball.

After that we showed the scout group around the different areas of the temple and introduced them to the display representing Buddhism. Also we taught them about the significance of giving to others by performing a Buddhist Alms-Giving ceremony to the monks.

The Surrey Dhammakaya Buddhist Association

The Surrey Dhammakaya Buddhist Association

For a number of years on a Tuesday night at the Temple in Brushfield Way Woking there has been held a beginners class for the teaching of Meditation. Subsequently from this six months ago an Intermediate course was started for Meditation and also to learn a basic knowledge of Buddhism.

Some of the members from these classes with the aid of The Monks and Staff of the Temple have formed a Buddhist Association. This is to learn from within its membership and outside some of the many facets of Buddhism. This may be how to breathe properly, the basics of Yoga, how to help you be mindful,  aware of thoughts and actions, help develop wisdom and understanding, visit other Temples and Guest Speakers.

We welcome all to join us  ——-  to teach or learn.

Alms-Offering at Salisbury Cathedral Church

On Saturday 21st January, the monks from Wat Dhammakaya London temple were invited by both Thai and local people of Salisbury to receive a Buddhist Alms-Offering and New Year Blessings at Salisbury Cathedral Church. This wonderful occasion was also a charity event, with some of the food offerings going to the local Food Bank for disadvantaged and homeless people. 

This Alms-offering is being supported by the people who look after and maintain Salisbury Cathedral and they kindly provided us with a place to teach meditation to people who attended the event before the ceremony began. This event has inspired many local people who wish to learn more about Buddhism enormously and has given them the opportunity to meet Buddhist monks and practise meditation together.

Basic Meditaion Class


We held a Basic Meditaion Class for local people today, the teaching monk gave us valuable advice on techniques of how to prepare your mind before beginning meditation.

To achieve this, we start by letting our mind relax, making it free from worries and releasing it from any responsibilities you may have in your life which are bothering you.

The teaching monk then guided the meditation session for 45 minutes. After the session was complete, he gave us advice on how to improve the balance of our mind by living our daily lives in a more modest, simple way.
He gave an exammple of how many people can benefit by refraining from material possesions in this modern world.

The teaching monk also showed us the results of meditation experiences which were recorded from people all over the world as an inspiration for us to practise meditation and benefit from it.

The class was very successful,and created an atmosphere of joy and productivity. Everyone was
keen to learn more and is looking forward to the next session.