Biography of Ven. Sander

Our Teaching Monk for The Weekend Meditation Retreat #13


Biography of Ven. Khemadhammo (Sander Oudenampsen)

Ven. Khemadhammo was born and raised in 1978 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He graduated M.A. in Organizational Psychology. During his student years, he followed an introductory meditation course in a Dhammakāya meditation centre, and started volunteering in the European meditation centres during university breaks.

In 2003, he decided to work as a full-time volunteer for the Dhammakāya Foundation in Thailand. After having studied Thai language for two years, he decided to ordain in the monkhood. In 2012, he moved to the Dhammakaya meditation center in Belgium, where he lived and taught most of the time till he was appointed to be the Abbot of Wat Bhud Cyprus on December 2015.He is the first English speaking monk who was appointed to be the Abbot of the temple which is a branch of Dhammakaya Temple Head quarter in Thailand.