Byfleet Primary School


On the morning of January the 30th 2017, a group of students and primary teachers travelled to the Dhammakaya Temple Woking in order to study of basics of Buddhism. This was a school curriculum outing that gives an opportunity for the students to learn about different beliefs around the world including the Buddhist religion.
Upon arrival, the monks and members of temple staff gave the students a warm welcome and showed them around the temple as well as introduced the temple’s activities to them. The students were given a lesson giving a basic introduction to meditation and taught how to think of your mind as a crystal ball and keep the image of this held at the centre of your body to keep the mind still and balanced. The students said that they really enjoyed the lesson, and many said that they had a really good inner meditation experience.
We then proceeded to show the group around the different areas of the temple including the meditaion room, Luangpoo, our great master room, and Hor Chan, our dining room.
After that the spokesman of the temple gave the group a talk about how to improve one’s self as a person by learning the benefits of giving, keeping precepts and practicing meditation to conclude the day. Many of the students told us that they had thoroughly enjoyed their visit and we were all very honoured and pleased that it was such an enjoyable day.