Dhammakaya Meditation is based on concentration and the Principle of the Centre. Primarily, we meditate using an object of visualisation and mindfulness of breathing. The Principle of the Centre specifies that we try to put our focus to the center of the body, (at the centre of gravity), approximately 2 finger widths above our navel.

We do this by visualising (imagining) a ball of light (light sphere) or a crystal ball in the centre of our body, at the same point where the breath ends, to unite our mind and body together.

Thereafter, meditation proceeds to successively higher levels by always focusing at the center of the center.
This combination of techniques is effective for meditators of all different levels and styles.

Luang Phor Wat Paknam (who rediscovered this technique as taught by the Buddha in ancient times) taught a specific method for beginners to help visualise the ball of light and bring it to the center of the body, and this is the method we teach here at the Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Woking Meditation Centre.