International Alms Giving Ceremony 2022

On Saturday, 13th August 2022, Wat Phra Dammakaya London held an International Alms Giving Ceremony at Jubilee Square Woking.

The ceremony began at 10 a.m. with a large congregation of monks and novices from Thailand, Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka. The tradition started with the hosts leading the verses to request the five precepts. Mr Mark Hua, the representative of the Buddhist Association, gave a speech about the history of the Alms Giving Ceremony and the event’s objectives.

After this, the Mayor of Woking, Saj Hussain, gave an opening speech to the attendees, followed by the venerable Phra Maha Ronnapop Jotilabho, who thanked the crowd. 

The event continued with a food donation to the York Road Project food bank, followed by reflection time.

We then began the offering of food to the monastic congregation, which was led in Bali Language by Pornthip Saelim, in English by Lui Hunjao and in Thai by Nattaya Champairoj.  A meditation time followed, led by the venerable Phra Nicholas Thanissaro, who also gave a Dhamma speech, and the monastic congregation provided a blessing.  

Before the Alms Giving Ceremony began, the representative of the lay people, Lui Hunchao, led us to make blessings and wishes.  The monks and novices then lined up gracefully to receive the alms given by event attendees. 

The ceremony then concluded with happiness with merits generated from this joyful day.

May we share our merits with everyone around the world.