The summer camp is designed to nurture the good habits and potential of young men according to Buddhist methodology to offer principles of wholesome living and a refuge in the Triple Gem.

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Jul   2015

 โครงการอบรมธรรมทายาทชาย (บวชสามเณร)

เริ่มโครงการ เข้าวัด/ ปฐมนิเทศ / ปลงผม  ก.ค. ​เวลา 13.00 น.
วันบวชเณร (วัดพระธรรมกายลอนดอน)​  ส.ค. ​เวลา 09.00 น.
ทำบุญฉลองสามเณรบวชใหม่(อาทิตย์ต้นเดือน)​  ส.ค. ​เวลา 06.30 น.
วันลาสิกขา​​  ส.ค. ​เวลา 13.00 น.

Young Ordination Dhammadayada Training Programs
Beginning of Program​ July at 01.00 pm
Ordination day. 2nd August at 09.00 am
The New novice’s cerebration​ ​​August at 06.30 am​
Ending of the Program​  August at 01.30 pm

 At Dhammakaya International Society of UK

(The fee for the fifteen-day course will be FREE)

We might expect twelve years of school and another three years at university to help young people become selfless, generous, sociable and well-balanced individuals. However, the culture into which young people these days may be initiated by default is altogether less inspiring. Variously called street culture, trash culture, the meculture, the rat race, affluenza or materialism the symptoms start to show themselves when children get up late, are addicted to video games and music, messiness, rudeness to parents, risk taking and promiscuity. Parents or the young people themselves therefore need to seek out opportunities to become literate in community living  to gain a sense  of belonging to something bigger and more positive than themselves. In the Buddhist tradition, such an opportunity generally means group activities specifically organized for young people at the temple. At the Dhammakaya Centre for Buddhist Meditation, Woking’s only Buddhist temple, we organize such an activity once a year in the summer one for ladies  and the other for gentlemen.

The Novice Ordination and Training Scheme described in this brochure is designed to nurture the good habits and potential of young men according to Buddhist methodology to offer principles of wholesome living and a refuge in the Triple Gem. In Thailand, such ordination is considered a way in which young men can repay their debt of gratitude to their parents.

What to Bring

1.Two sets of white sport shirt and white jogging bottoms (should not be tight-fitting)
2.Sleeping bag
3.Toothbrush, toothpaste and soap
4.Personal effects including additional toiletries and personal medication.

Benefits for Participants

1. learning community living responsibility
2.learning respect, modesty and humility
3.gaining a foundation understanding of  Buddhist culture
4.mastering elementary meditation in a way helpful to study
5.thorough mastery of the Five Precepts and keeping one’s personal effects tidy
6.learning Buddhist worldview and gratitude to parents
7.putting the summer holiday to good use
8.setting themselves firmly on a life path  towards heaven and Nirvana (rather than the alternatives)


The course caters for young women who:
* Are aged between 10  20
* Have parental permission to join the camp
* Who can stay for the entirety of the training
* Are well behaved and willing to follow the training rules
* Are of good health  with no contagious diseases or drug addiction
* Are not fussy about living arrangements and can look after themselves
* Are able to keep the Eight/Ten Precepts

throughout  the period of training
The registration deadline is 26 July 2014 on which day all applicants must appear for interview at the temple.

For further details contact:
Dhammakaya Centre for Buddhist Meditation 2 Brushfield Way, Knaphill, Woking  GU21 2TG

Tel. 0148-347-5757,
0784-954-8444, 0777-233-2288

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