“Page to Happiness”

When we look at the world and life correctly …and see things as they really are,
The season of happiness … will arrive like a fresh
wind blowing through our garden,
Carrying the faint tinkle of wind chimes to enliven … and refresh our hearts and mind.
All kind of flowers would bloom and pait the world anew as a muti-hued peace park.
With butterflies attending flowers; Little bees buzzing busily; Birds singing, soring and swooping; Squirrels climbing and jumping from tree to tree.
A photographer would click click away to catch these impressions … to collect and recollect them.
A little child would keenly jot down a little note in her diary to fondly re-read … when she’s older.
People are curious and wait to read about these wonderful memories with smiling faces.
Everyone happily sharing there happiness with each other feeling that their creation would always be beautiful …

Life would be like a ‘Sun” sharing happiness into our minds, illuminating them.
Thus, everything inside our mind came from the wishful feeling to share true happiness to everyone.



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