The Dhammakaya Foundation is a non-profit organisation based on personal development. The Foundations aims to promote activities for restoration of morality in individual, family, society and the world.

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While many are searching for peace from without, we believe that world peace MUST begin from each and everyone of us. That’s why we promote the use of meditation in order to help individual cultivate inner peace inside themselves.

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You can join different activities such as free weekly meditation and Dhamma classes, Buddhist ceremonies, meditation retreats and Dhamma studies in Woking, Surrey and our worldwide centers.

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International Vesak

15th May 2022: Today is the auspicious full moon day of the month vesākha.  On behalf of Dhammakaya temple London, may I invite you to our Vesak Day celebrations. It is the day the Buddha was born, enlightened and passed. Attached is the schedule of the day. 18:00-20:30hrs Circumambulation ceremony Sangha dana offering ceremony Full moon

 One Mind One World

ขอเชิญชวนทุกท่านนั่งสมาธิทุกวันเพื่อร่วมกันสร้างสันติสุขจากภายใน สู่สันติสุขแด่โลกใบนี้ของเราด้วยกัน ในเดือนแห่งการคุ้มครองโลกและวันคุ้มครองโลก​ 22​ เมษายนนี้ค่ะร่วมกิจกรรม onlineทุกวัน เวลา19.00 เป็นต้นไป​ได้ที่​ www.zoom072.com หรือ www.gbnus.com #Peaceposition#EarthDay#วันคุ้มครองโลก#สันติภาพภายนอกเริ่มจากสันติสุขภายใน#ธรรมชัย#WorldPeaceThroughInnerPeace#Meditation #dhammakaya#OneMindOneWorld 

356 Children visit the temple

356 Children visit the temple to learn Meditation and Almsgiving Despite the COVID pandemic, in the period September-December 2021. Wat Phra Dhammakaya London was able to provide educational tours for four school groups and seven cub scout groups who wanted to learn about Buddhism as part of their diversity education or in order to gain

One-day meditation retreat in Salisbury

One-day meditation retreat in Salisbury 24 January 2022, Phra Dr Nicholas Thanissaro & PhraPisit Jittasuddho from Wat Phra Dhammakaya, London were invited to teach a one-day meditation retreat by Moon’s Massage at Fovant, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK. The organizers Duangkamon Tanu and Simon Mahoney held a four-hour session consisting of meditation, Dhamma talks and break-out groups

January Full Moon Meditation (EU)

January Full Moon Meditation (EU)Tuesday 18 January 2022 Theme “Power of Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow” Britain 7.00-8.30pmEurope 8.00-9.30pm zoom072.com/dmeuMeeting ID:915 0766 5394Passcode: 072 www.dhammakaya.london01483 475757dhammakayawoking@gmail.com

Meditation Online

DHAMMAKAYA MEDITATION EUROPE Saturday Online Meditation 19:00-20:00 British Summer Time 20:00-21:00 Central European Time VIA Zoom zoom072.com/dmeu Meeting Id : 915 0766 5394 Passcode : 072

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Dear Meditators, Templegoers and Online Community: We were awfully sorry to hear that HRH Prince Phillip passed away yesterday. We will do chanting inorder to dedicate merits to Him on Saturday 10, Sunday 11 and Monday 12 April from 10.30-11.00am via our Wat Phra Dhammakaya London Zoom link below. https://dmc.tv/2564/lon Meeting ID 881 0986 4789

Temple Visit to: Coutts Bank William IV Street London WC2

Temple Participants: Ven. Phra Ronnapop Jotilabho, Ven. Phra Suriyan Amaro, Rattanapol Thanasetpakdee, Potsawat Sriworrapan, S. Nash, Kruawan Sookcharoen, Edward Marisi, Eva Robinson, Linda Mitchell, Maria Mackey This visit was to provide a teaching meditation session on behalf of Temple volunteer, Rana Mutsuddi, at his place of work, Coutts Bank.  Coutts are eager to introduce meditation and mindfulness into their workplace for the well-being of their employees. The visiting party departed the Temple after

Temple Visit to: The Village Elmslie Lodge Barkingside Essex, UK.

This visit was to provide an initial teaching meditation session on behalf of one of the Temple Laypersons. The visiting party set off early on the Sunday morning as the venue was east London and required a few hours of travelling The venue was at a Residential Retirement facilitythat provides comfortable living for older people.  Plus, other people travelled some distance to also take