Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Dear Meditators, Templegoers and
Online Community:

We were awfully sorry to hear that HRH Prince Phillip passed away yesterday.
We will do chanting inorder to dedicate merits to Him on Saturday 10, Sunday 11 and Monday 12 April from 10.30-11.00am via our Wat Phra Dhammakaya London Zoom link below.
Meeting ID 881 0986 4789
Passcode 072

May we take this opportunity to offer our deepest condolences and invite you all to attend the Ceremony of the Dedication of Merits and Spreading Loving Kindness to our beloved late Prince Phillip on the dates and time as aforementioned, for His soul to rest in peace.

Thank you so much and rejoice in the merits of you all in advance.

Phra Maha Ronnapop Jotilabho
Acting Abbot, all Monks and Temple Staff.