Temple Visit to: Coutts Bank William IV Street London WC2

Temple Participants: Ven. Phra Ronnapop Jotilabho, Ven. Phra Suriyan Amaro, Rattanapol Thanasetpakdee, Potsawat Sriworrapan, S. Nash, Kruawan Sookcharoen, Edward Marisi, Eva Robinson, Linda Mitchell, Maria Mackey

This visit was to provide a teaching meditation session on behalf of Temple volunteer, Rana Mutsuddi, at his place of work, Coutts Bank.  Coutts are eager to introduce meditation and mindfulness into their workplace for the well-being of their employees.

The visiting party departed the Temple after lunch in order to have enough time to drive into central London and prepare for the session scheduled for 5pm.

The venue was located at one of the oldest banks in the world, being established in 1692.  It is a private bank with many notable clients including the British Royal Family. In following with the standard maintained at this bank the conference room and all facilities made available to us were first class.

Our MC Ms. S. Nash introduced the Venerable Monks and the accompanying Temple Staff. Rana then gave a short welcome and overview of the session. Ven. Ronnapop introduced the attendees to the concept of meditation and mindfulness and how it can help them in their daily lives.  The group also watched some educational videos to help in their instruction.  Following the Dhamma talk the group was led in a 30 minute meditation session.   

Afterwards the floor was opened up for Q&A with many attendees clearly interested in learning moreabout mediation in everyday life. 

All of the participants were very enthusiastic about the experience and many stopped to talk with Temple Staff and Volunteers after the session had finished.

Another very successful visit was completed and after a long day the travelling party returned back to Wat Phra Dhammakaya London.

Summary by Linda Mitchell