The Inner Peace Weekend Meditation Retreat 15th

Dhammakaya London Temple has set up The Inner Peace Weekend Meditation Retreat 15th for 3 days from 24 March 2017 to 26 March 2017.

Phra Maha Prasan Samajaro and Pra Arjarn Sander Khemadhammo are the teaching monks, Phra Maha Suriyan Amaro is the consultant, Kruwan Sukchareon is the coordinator with Thai and local volunteers.

During the three days, the participants have the opportunity to learn the benefits of meditation and buddhist principles which can used in their normal life. They also have a great opportunity, to do a lot of meditation. Therefore, they gain a very good experience and find inner peace. They are encouraged to return and invite others to come and join the next retreat at Dhammakaya London Temple as well.

We would like to share our merits to all of you around the world.