The Weekend Meditation Retreat #20

Welcome to The Meditation Surrey Centre
Where You Learn How To Connect To Your True Power and
Attain Inner Peace Through Meditation

The Next Weekend Meditation Retreat is
16-18th September 2022

A warm welcome to The Meditation Surrey Centre. Whether you are new to the concept of meditation or are have meditated before, our centre is the ideal retreat where you can escape from the stresses of the world, and discover inner peace.

In the busy world we live in, we can all at times have to deal with different forms of stress, including negative thoughts and emotions which can affect our health and our quality of life. Whatever problems life throws at us, the practicing of meditation has been proven to have significant benefits with improving our feelings of calm, happiness and of well-being.

We regularly welcome people from all walks of life and ages to our centre, where they practice Dhammakaya meditation- a Buddhist meditation technique with an ancient history.

In this retreat you will learn about the Dhammakaya meditation technique. Its simplicity, originality and effectiveness has made the Dhammakaya method greatly cherished in its native Thailand and is also growing fast in popularity internationally.

By practicing Dhammakaya meditation, you will benefit in many ways including:

  • Increasing our ability to cope with the stress and anxiety of life.
  • Developing a greater level of happiness within ourselves.
  • Enabling our ability to control anger and negative emotions.
  • Aiding clarity of the mind resulting in better productivity.
  • Increasing memory function and the ability to concentrate.
  • Improving our health including lowering blood pressure and pain management.

What makes Dhammakaya meditation different to conventional meditation is that it teaches about the centre of the body as the natural home of the human mind, as well as the inner gateway to enlightenment. The closer your mind is to its natural home, the closer you are to the natural state of supreme bliss. This inner happiness is self-sustainable, and can be practiced regardless of your personal circumstances or background.

Dhammakaya meditation also cleanses the mind, meaning that people who meditate regularly become gentler, kinder and more mindful towards other people.This results in greater harmony in our lives and contributes towards a more peaceful society.

Anybody who would like to benefit from all these things for their personal development or would simply like to de-stress naturally should definitely try Dhammakaya meditation. In addition to this, we can deepen our spiritual awareness by meditating, as we  take time to look within  and discover our inner strength and the power to achieve inner peace.

The Inner Peace Meditation Retreat Programme 


18.00: Registration

19.00: Recreation activity – getting to know and getting along

19:30: Opening ceremony + Candle ceremony

19.50: Request 8 precepts + Meditation

20.50: Welcome and induction, Health & Safety brief

21.00: End session


05.30: Participants wake up

06.00: Morning Meditation & Spread loving kindness

06.50: Secret of Bubbles

07.10: Breakfast

08.30: Registration for 1 day meditation session

08.50: Warm up the mind

09.00: Guided Meditation & Dharma Talk

11.00: Lunch

13.00: Getting stretched

13.20: Warm up the mind

13.30: Guided Meditation & Dharma Talk

15.30: Group Sharing

17.00: Refreshments / Break Time

18.20: Warm up the mind

18.30: Evening Chanting (optional)

19.00: Meditation and Dharma Talk

21.00: End session


05.30: Participants wake up

06.00: Silent Meditation + Spreading loving & kindness

06.50: Morning Exercise

07.10: Breakfast

08.50: Warm up the mind

09.00: Guided Meditation & Dharma Talk

11.00: Lunch

12.00: Interview recording

13.20: Warm up the mind

13.30: Dhamma Talk & Meditation

15.00: Closing ceremony


At the Meditation Surrey Centre, our accommodation comprises of Bunk beds with a mattress, pillow and blankets provided. Our bathrooms maintained to a high standard with hot showers and clean toilet facilities. Lockers are also provided to keep your valuables safe.


The Meditation Surrey Centre provides healthy, nutritious Thai food and fresh fruits as a buffet including drinks, tea and coffee, for breakfast and lunch. In the evening,  light refreshments such as milk, hot chocolate, tea and juice will be provided to help complement and enhance your meditation experience. Food is mostly non-vegetarian. If you are a vegetarian or have a special dietary requirements, please inform us prior to your arrival.


The Meditation Surrey Centre is run by the Dhammakaya Temple, a non-profit organization that promotes world peace through inner peace. Fees are kept to a minimum, and all the proceeds received will be used to maintain the facilities at the centre. This means we are able to keep the course running so that more people will benefit from the Dhammakaya meditation and spread peace to their families, society and the world.

The registration fee is £75 which includes all meals, accommodation.

Payment Methods

  • Bank Transfer to: DISUK
    HSBC Bank Plc
    Account number: 714 41 140
    Sort code:  40-02-01
    Reference: Weekend Retreat 
  • Cheque:  Made payable to DISUK
  • Cash:  Pay directly to DISUK Co-ordinator:  Kruawan Sookcharoen

After payment has been received, we will then confirm your registration and send you more details about your weekend at the retreat centre, as well as what you will need for the retreat.

Cancellation Policy and refunds

Once the payment is made, you are unable to attend, please notify us a week before September 12th, you’ll receive a refund. (Exclude a deposit of £40 as non-refundable)

We endeavour to run all the events that we publicise. However, in exceptional circumstances we may have to cancel an event – in this case we shall of course, refund all of your payment. Wat Phra Dhammakaya London accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss to property during your stay at Open Pathway Retreat Centre.

If you have any enquiries, please email

Looking forward to seeing you at the retreat.

(*Please note that meditation is not advisable for persons who have suffered from Schizophrenia and mental disorders.)